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Installing phone and broadband in your church building can improve your visitor experience, and provide more options for church security and sustainability. It can also open up new opportunities for mission and community-engagement. If you'd like to read more – or if you're not sure which technology is right for you – please take a look at our guidance on the Church of England website.

Phone Services & internet connectivity

By connecting to the fibre-optic cable network via your local cabinet, you can have a landline and a broadband router installed relatively easily. Our suppliers can help you decide on the right fixed-line phone and broadband plans for your building.

Wireless community broadband

In remote rural areas, fixed-line connections can offer poor or unreliable speeds. Wireless broadband is one alternative; by hosting the necessary infrastructure, churches can bring faster internet to the community while also opening up a new revenue stream.

Mobile connectivity

If you're in a low-speed broadband area with good 4G, you might be able to bring connectivity to your building using mobile signal instead.

Mobile phones

Our dedicated mobile-phone suppliers can offer you contracts and handsets to suit your call-and-data usage needs – and budget.

Rural mobile coverage

If your parish is a mobile-signal notspot, you might be interested in NET CS's multi-church-network "rural mobile coverage" initiative.

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