Buying a photocopier can be tricky.

There's the question of whether to lease or buy, the price to negotiate, and the tedious checking of the contract for those hidden clauses. That's why we've ripped up the contracts, and written our own! Through Parish Buying you get peace of mind (because the contract is written with parishes in mind), excellent prices (on both machine cost & click charges), and you don't have to do it all yourself (that's our job!).

Key features

Pricing - We've negotiated really great prices for you, whether you want to buy or lease a machine. 

Security/Peace of mind – Our photocopying contracts have been re-written and thoroughly reviewed,

After care – Our suppliers are committed (by contract) to ensure you have an excellent and continued level of service post-purchase. And that's what we're here for as well, to provide support in making sure everything works in your best interests.

Good quality machines – We provide only brand new equipment – no refurbished machines. Our research showed that new machines are better value for money, especially at our prices.

Value Explanation

Value Explanation

Many companies will offer a low initial price for a photocopier, and then make money in ‘hidden’ costs such as service charges, setting minimum contract charges or excess copy charges if you go over a certain threshold.

We’ve negotiated what we believe to be good deals on price, and have required our supplier to have clean contracts with no changes to the pricing through the life of the contract.

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"Father Alex was really impressed with the copier we opted for.  Both the supplier and Parish Buying have been really helpful and given us a good service. "