If your parish suffers from slow internet, our suppliers might be able to help

And you might be able to help the people and businesses in your parish too.

Where the infrastructure for Ultrafast or Superfast broadband is not yet available – and especially where fixed-line download speeds are below the 10Mbps deemed by Ofcom to be necessary for internet use today – we can recommend suppliers who specialise in bringing innovative wireless solutions to hard-to-reach rural areas.

What is wireless community broadband?

"Broadband" used to mean internet connectivity using wires: copper or fibre-optic cables. But today's "wireless broadband" means a high-speed connection distributed via radio waves (like mobile-phone signal) between antennae, and then relayed to individual properties using a receiving dish or antenna. To cover installation costs there needs to be enough local demand for better speeds in the community. Hence "wireless community broadband".

How do we get it?

Church buildings are often well suited to hosting wireless broadband infrastructure. When they are, they can provide connectivity for the surrounding community – and generate revenue from a contract with the supplier. For an example of one such project, in St Mary the Virgin, Walkhampton, click here. To find out if your church is eligible, make an enquiry by clicking the link below.