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NET CS use church buildings to host telecoms equipment to spread mobile signal to rural 'notspots'. If your church is in a notspot, they might be able to help.

Rural mobile coverage initiative

If your area has poor mobile-phone signal, NET CS could help you bring 4G (and 5G) to your parish by hosting telecoms infrastructure on the tower or spire of your church building and linking up with a network of other local churches to extend coverage over a broad area. Your church could even earn a regular income by hosting the equipment.

NET CS have pioneered a process to deliver multi-operator coverage to rural not-spot locations at a fraction of the initial capital and long-term operational costs associated with traditional mobile-network roll-outs (allowing NET CS to operate where network operators often can't). This will help each church to provide a critical service to their local community, to fulfil their wider local community mission, and improve the sustainability of both the rural community and of its parish church. (For more about the legal process, please click here.)

What are the benefits?

This solution brings cost-effective multi-operator coverage to areas that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can't serve. For you, this could mean:

  • good mobile-phone signal (EE, 3, O2, Vodafone) in your area, provided by your church
  • less equipment than a traditional MNO site: 4 (not 12) antennae per church building
  • an annual income plus a one-off payment sum for each participating church, agreed by licence with NET CS
  • as well as mobile coverage, internet connectivity via 4G/5G in each participating church building.

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Rural mobile coverage summary

More detail about NET CS's rural mobile coverage initiative, and what it could do for your church building.