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A supplier of choice for the UK's top mobile network operators (MNOs), NET CS have worked with churches for many years to spread mobile-phone network coverage across the country.

Have you been approached by an MNO?

If an MNO or a telecoms company wants to install mobile-phone network infrastructure on your church, we strongly advise you contact NET CS and inform your DAC Secretary.

NET CS have been working with the Church of England, and the Church in Wales, since 2004, supervising and project-managing about 180 telecoms installations. Our standard framework contract with NET CS ensures a rigorous, legally compliant, tried-and-tested process. (For more about the legal process, please click here.)

NET CS will arrange for the appropriate processes to be undertaken and, subject to a successful survey, will undertake the work necessary for a faculty application.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved connectivity in your local area - providing much needed support to public and community services as well as the general public.
  • Internet connectivity within the church building, subject to contract.
  • Income for the parish, by renting out the space where the the telecoms equipment sits. 

What are the costs?

There is no cost to pay. NET CS’s costs will be paid by the people providing the telecoms infrastructure. NET CS will reimburse the PCC’s (or other governing body’s) reasonable costs.

Looking for NET CS's 'Rural mobile coverage' initiative?

If you are proactively looking into hosting telecoms equipment, without having been contacted by an MNO, please click below.


PDF on benefits of hosting telecoms sites

What are the benefits?

A summary of the benefits of hosting mobile-phone network infrastructure – to churches and to their local communities. 

PDF desktop feasibility report example

Project process

A summary of the process undertaken by NET CS (and PCCs) in telecoms installations (either MNO-led or part of NET CS's rural initiative).

PDF desktop feasibility report example

Feasibility report

An example of a NET CS desktop feasibility report for a telecoms installation at St Giles's Church, Reading.

PDF showing images of installations in church towers

Tower installations

Photographs of how the antennae appear when installed inside church towers.

PDF showing flagpole installations

Flag-pole installations

Photographs of how the antennae appear when installed on flag-poles.