The simplest way to get connected

In 9 out of 10 locations in the UK, a fixed-line connection to a copper or fibre-optic cable network is the quickest, easiest, and best option. If your local network offers Ultrafast, Superfast or even Standard speeds (of above 10 Gbps) you can bring connectivity to your building with relatively little fuss.

Landline telephones

Many church buildings will only need a single phone-line to make occasional or emergency calls, and to achieve connectivity. But if you need a more sophisticated telephone setup with multiple fixed-lines, our suppliers will be happy to provide you with options. Whether you're interested in having a landline installed, or you're unhappy with your current supplier, registered Parish Buying customers can contact our approved suppliers by making an enquiry below.

Fixed-line broadband

Fixed-line broadband enters your building via a router connected to a phone-line, connected to a nearby cabinet; which in turn is connected to your local exchange. Your speeds will depend on your location, your distance from the cabinet and the exchange, and the quality of the cables. But it's also important to think about where in your building you'll need access to a wired or wireless internet connection. Our suppliers will be happy to help make sure your signal is available wherever you need it.

Are you having issues with having broadband installed as your church doesn't have a postcode?