Online Giving for your Church

What is online giving?

Online giving enables people to give to your church through the internet. It is simple to set up an online giving account, and once you have set up your account you will be able to link to it from your church website, social media pages, A Church Near You page, email newsletters, and through QR codes making it easy for people to give.

Why do I need online giving?

As we become an increasingly cashless society, many people find it easier to give online to causes they wish to support. The average donation to churches online is also often much higher than cash donations, at around £40. You can set up an online giving page for free through Parish Buying and so your church has nothing to lose by investing some time in this giving mechanism.

How does it work?

To use our online giving provider, you will need to create an account with Give A Little. Give A Little can also be used via their app for receiving contactless donations. To read more about contactless giving and the different options available, see this page. Login below to follow the links for our specially negotiated service for online giving.

Give A Little works by partnering with a payment processor to accept donations on your behalf and deposit them into your church’s bank account. Once you have registered with Give A Little, you will be able to connect a payment processor account. There are two payment processor options available:

  • SumUp: a SumUp account can facilitate both contactless and online donations. It can accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for online donations. You can also use your SumUp account separately with the SumUp app for taking payments.
  • Stripe: a Stripe Express account can facilitate online donations at a much lower cost than SumUp. It can accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for online donations and also has a high donations threshold (up to £1m) in a single transaction.

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