Contactless giving for mobile phone users

What is mobile giving (QR codes)

A QR code is a unique code made up of small black and white squares that can be read by the camera or a QR code reader on a smartphone. Each QR code created is linked to a website, this means that once a smartphone reads the code it will take the user to the associated webpage. You may be familiar with this process if you have needed to scan a QR code in order to view the menu at a restaurant or for Test and Trace.

QR codes enable you to use your mobile phone for contactless giving as through our two suppliers you can have a unique QR code created that will link to your church's online giving page. You will be able to share your QR code online and print it. This means that you will be able to reach people in a variety of ways; during online services, on your church website, Facebook Page or through pew cards, an order of service, parish magazine or poster.

Phones with older cameras do not have the capability to read QR codes, to get around this, the user will need to download a QR Code Reader app. To find out more click here.

Why do I need mobile giving (QR codes)

Due to recent global events, many people are moving away from using cash, therefore, we need to enable giving through digital mechanisms. Having a QR code as one of the ways people can give to your church would provide peace of mind to many as scanning a QR code on a smartphone or tablet is a quick, private and truly contactless process.

In addition, QR codes are inexpensive, versatile, and an easy set-up option to start accepting contactless giving from smartphone users in your church and online.

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