Generosity is a spiritual gift, it starts with God

We want to encourage ‘holy habits’ within our church, so that giving becomes second nature. Most people want to be generous, and often are, but like all spiritual gifts, we become better at using it with practice.

There is a place for reflection, deep thinking, and contemplative generosity. There’s also a place for spontaneous and instinctive generosity, and enabling us all to be generous in different ways is a key part of building the generous community God calls us to be.

The need for contactless solutions

The easier it is to give, the less ‘friction’ there is in giving, the more likely people are to give. The way people use money is changing, and that means the way people give is changing too, and we need to acknowledge that in the mechanisms we offer.

Good practice with mechanisms is all about providing the ways to give in an accessible, visible, simple, straight forward way. It’s also about ensuring that whatever way people give, they are thanked for their gift.

 Jonathan de Bernhardt-Wood, National Giving Advisor


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It is important to think about how you might use a contactless donations device. There is a choice of different solutions which will depend partly on how you want to use the device, and partly on how much your church can afford to pay. As time goes by there will be new solutions, so please come back to this page if you don't see what you want today. The important thing is to get going - perhaps to start with an inexpensive solution which is not perfect, before moving on to an ideal solution.

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