What is contactless giving?

Contactless giving refers to donations made through a contactless donation device using either a bank or credit card or a smart device (e.g., Apple Pay or Google Pay).

Why do I need contactless giving?

Contactless giving is particularly well-suited to receiving donations from one-off or occasional visitors, such as tourists or those attending events such as weddings or carol services. The average contactless donation is typically three higher than the average cash donation, and with fewer people carrying cash now many churches would benefit from having a contactless giving mechanism.

What do I need to consider?

Some key considerations to factor into your decision about contactless giving will include the budget you have available, whether or not you have an internet connection in your church, and what sort of functionality you would like from your device. We have options to suit all types of requirements so there should be a contactless giving mechanism available for every church context.

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