Fire Safety is essential. 

Making sure your church meets fire safety regulations is a legal requirement. No one wants to end up with the consequences of poor fire safety, including when it means your insurance company won’t pay out if you have not met regulations.

With this contract getting great value is not just about obtaining the cheapest possible extinguisher, but about ensuring that you have one that works when you need it.


  1. Up to 30% discount for PB members
  2. No service necessary fire extinguishers, with a 10 year guarantee
  3. Help & advice – expert tips and support available online and through the approved supplier
  4. FREE extended warranty & free replacement for equipment damaged in a fire
Value Explanation

Value Explanation

Fire Safety is important. Here the value is not about obtaining the cheapest possible extinguisher - it’s far more important to ensure that you have one that works when you need it! Our fire safety contract offers Parish Buying members up to a 30% discount on the normal prices of our supplier's equipment, and offers free extended warranty on a number of products, guaranteeing them for up to 10 years.

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