The Energy Basket uses the bulk buying power of the Church to obtain competitive prices for your gas and electricity.  

The Energy Basket provides members with exclusive access to competitive energy rates. By pooling the energy demand of thousands of parishes, we use our bulk buying power to negotiate better rates with energy suppliers. In previous years our members have enjoyed significantly better rates compared to what’s available on the standard market. Our rates were so favourable that they didn’t even qualify for the government Energy Bill Relief Scheme of 2022.

Customers often ask about the Energy Basket this time of year. Check our frequently asked questions list first to save time. It's been developed over several years and covers most queries we receive at our support desk.


Are you tired of dealing with the complexities and worry of the energy market and struggling to find the best energy deals for your church or organization? Look no further than the Energy Basket.

When you enter the Energy Basket you will enjoy its benefits:

Save money - a price based on wholesale energy purchasing

Save time - it’s a long term solution. There’s no need to renegotiate every time a contract comes up for renewal

Save the environment - 100% of the electricity in the Energy Basket is green, all from UK-based renewable sources.

Feel supported - our wonderful customer service team can help you every step of the way

The price of the Basket is fixed annually and each year our members have the opportunity to leave the Basket, but not many parishes do due to the competitive rates enjoyed, over 98% of parishes remain in the basket year on year.

  • Accredited by the Energy Ombudsman

Value Explanation

Value Explanation

Last time we benchmarked savings using the Energy Basket, we estimated that gas sites were saving 10% on average compared to alternative quotes, whilst electricity supplies were saving around 8.3%.

When a parish’s energy contract is up for renewal, the quotes they receive from other companies will depend on the market at that exact time. If the energy market is at a low point, the prices will be really good, but if the energy market is spiking high the quotes will be expensive.

At Parish Buying we buy energy for the Basket throughout the year, so the cost of energy for our members won’t suddenly change. It averages out over the year providing churches and cathedrals with a competitive price. It may not always be the very cheapest, but we’re confident in our ability to save churches money over time.

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Energy Update

You can read our statement relating to TotalEnergies here.

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