Changes within the Energy sector

As part of the service provided by Parish Buying, we work closely with energy suppliers to understand any changes within the Energy sector which may impact on parishes and dioceses. Some of you may have been made aware that changes took place in April 2018.

For the vast majority of parishes the changes, referred to as DCP161, will not have any impact. The changes relate only to electricity supplies that have half hourly meters. 

Most parishes’ electricity meters start with either 03 or 04 and are not impacted by the new changes. If you are unsure about whether you have a half hourly meter you can find out by checking the supply number on your bill. If the meter number has a profile type (see below) that starts with 00 then you have a half hourly meter.

We are aware that some companies (who are energy brokers) are using the industry changes as an excuse to contact parishes and then to sell them energy contracts. Our advice would be that if you are unsure about whether you have a half hourly meter or have any questions then you can simply email or call Parish Buying using the details below and we will be able to give you the right advice. We are happy to do this whether or not you buy your energy through Parish Buying.

Parish Buying is a service delivered by the Giving Team on behalf of dioceses and parishes, to support them in their purchasing. For any wider questions about the service, and how we can support you with buying for your church or diocese, please feel free to contact us.

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