How To Encourage Giving In Your Church

In order to grow giving in our churches we need both the right environment and the right culture.

To create the best environment to encourage giving we need good mechanisms such as contactless and online giving that allow people to easily give to our church. Alongside this we need to explain the need for people to give so they can understand how important their giving is and regularly communicate the impact of their gifts on the mission and ministry of the church. Finally, trust must be built so that people have confidence that the church will spend their gifts wisely.

To grow a generous culture people need to be inspired by generous leadership and the celebration of generosity within church life. We need to help our members grow in discipleship so they understand God’s generosity towards them and how they can live generous lives. Generosity needs to be embedded into all areas of the life of the church and opportunities need to be provided for givers to activate their generosity and apply what they have discovered.

By focusing on these eight areas (Mechanism, Impact, Need, Trust, and, Inspire, Disciple, Embed, Activate) your church can build a healthy and sustainable future. For more resources, guidance, and inspiration on how to do this, visit: