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Everything you need to know about legecy giving

Each year around 4,000 people leave a gift in their will to their church, funding mission projects, maintaining beautiful church buildings and growing faithful communities. For many people, leaving a gift in their will is a final opportunity to make a lasting gift to God.

However, Anglicans are three times more likely to leave a legacy to a charity than to their church, so it is important that we regularly remind people that this form of giving is important for churches. By mentioning legacy giving alongside other forms of giving at least 3 or 4 times a year, you can help your church family understand why gifts in wills can be life-changing, and how your church will benefit from this form of generosity. Our PCC Legacy Toolkit has everything you need to encourage legacy giving in your church.

The National Giving Team has also just launched two new products on Church Print Hub, a customisable legacy leaflet and customisable legacy bookmark. These resources are a great way to remind people about why legacies are valuable, and to share how legacy gifts will further your church’s vision into the future. Detailed guides are available to help you add your own text and images to the leaflet and bookmark.

To find our more about encouraging gifts in wills, visit churchofengland.org/legacy-giving.