How does the Energy Basket compare to the market?

In the UK, unfortunately wholesale prices for gas and electricity have risen substantially (eg. August 2021 prices were approx. 300% higher for power and approx 100% higher for Gas versus August 2020) so energy is more expensive for everyone. We are  pleased that on average our Energy Basket members are only seeing an increase of 11% for gas and 15% for electricity on their wholesale pricing. 

Please note: Your specific energy prices vary depending on your location, consumption and meter type so your prices will be different from the average.

We ran a benchmarking exercise in early September 2021 to see how the Energy Basket rates compared to current market conditions (at that exact point in time). The Basket was shown to be the cheapest option considerably compared to its competitors.

*Comparators were SSE, Gazprom, EDF, and TotalEnergies Gas and Power fixed term.

The past four years

Looking back over the years, we also benchmarked the Energy Basket against industry numbers from the Office of National Statistics (the comparator figures come from CPI-Gas and CPI-Electric).

The graphs below show how Parish Buying has consistently provided very good rates for energy. The only real dip was the very first year of the gas Basket, where market pricing fell away through the year.   

The Energy Basket may not always be the very cheapest option at the point you collect quotations, but we’re confident in our ability to save you money over time.