Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register?

Our deals are specifically negotiated for the Church of England and Church in Wales, so we need to verify and approve each user of the website (it's part of our agreement with the suppliers). 

Who can use the Parish Buying service?

Any organisation that is part of the Church of England or the Church in Wales. That largely means parishes, cathedrals, and diocesan offices, but also national Church institutions and other organisations. 

Can more than one person register within a parish?

Of course! You and your colleagues can have separate login details but you will all be linked to the same parish account.

How is the service funded?

The Parish Buying service is not for profit. The service is free for users to access (we can’t very well claim to save you money and then charge you to do so!) but a small commission flows back to the Church of England Central Services to enable us to provide a professional service. This allows us to monitor suppliers, manage contracts, and generally just make sure you are supported in your buying. The commission is included in the price quoted by the supplier – the price you are quoted is the price you pay. You will not receive a bill from Parish Buying for using the service.

How do you monitor the suppliers?
Suppliers are committed to providing a certain level of service as agreed by a contract in place when we approve them as a Parish Buying supplier. They send us monthly reports of their status and we review supplier progress quarterly. We also ask our customers for feedback on a regular basis and monitor the type and number of queries raised against each supplier. We keep track of the answers too – so we know if they’ve got back to you swiftly and sufficiently! If you have any concerns, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll sort everything out for you.
Can I suggest ideas for new contracts and services?
Please do! The service is for you, so let us know what you need.
How am I going to be billed/how do I pay?

This depends on which contract you use. Usually you will receive an invoice from the supplier and they may ask you to pay by Direct Debit, for example if you opt for a lease on a photocopier rather than to purchase outright. In some instances you will need to pay online (Fire Safety and LED lighting). If you are unsure about payment, please get in touch with us and we will assist you.

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